Wendell & Wild

Wendell and Wild are two demon brothers. Their plan is to escape from hell, and in order to do so they must face their greatest archenemy. So they will have to face off with a demonic nun and hers two acolytes of hers, a couple of gothic teenagers.
This stop-motion animated film is based on an original idea by Henry Selick (The Worlds of Coraline, James and the Giant Peach), who directs the film. Selick is co-writing the script with Clay McLeod Chapman (The Dragon’s Egg, White Space), Jordan Peele (Let Me Out, Keanu) and Keegan-Michael Key (Did It Have to Be Him?, Tomorrowland). Peele and Key also provide their voices for the leading couple in this story. The Argentine artist and illustrator Pablo Lobato is in charge of designing the characters in this film.

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