Have you ever wondered where the dolls with which the girls and boys play come from? They live in a magical city where everything is perfect. Of course, on the other hand, the UglyDolls, the imperfect stuffed animals, live in UglyVille. A world in which nobody judges them and in which they feel happy and protected. But what would happen if these two worlds came together? When an intrepid stuffed animal named Moxy, along with Ox, UglyDog, LuckyBat, Wage and Babo, cross the border of their world, a funny and crazy UglyAventura will happen.
Animation film directed by Kelly Asbury (The Smurfs: The Hidden Village, Gnomeo and Juliet) and featuring a screenplay by Erica Rivinoja (Rain of Meatballs 2), based on the popular stuffed dolls created by David Horvath and Sun- Min Kim.

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