The Party

To celebrate his recent appointment as Minister of Health of the British Government, Janet (Kristin Scott Thomas) organizes a party where several friends meet. His colleagues also have surprising news, although the biggest surprise for all will be that revealed by Janet’s husband, Bill (Timothy Spall). What begins as a celebration will end up becoming a real and very funny tragedy.
Sally Potter (Ginger & Rosa, Sneaky Lives) writes and directs this film in black and white whose main cast is Kristin Scott Thomas (The Darkest, French Suite), Timothy Spall (The Journey, A Bright Strike), Patricia Clarkson (The bookshop, The Maze Runner: The Deadly Cure), Bruno Ganz (Remember, The Counselor), Cherry Jones (American Crime, Black Mirror), Emily Mortimer (The Meaning of an End, The Newsroom) and Cillian Murphy ( Peaky Blinders, Dunkirk).

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