The House That Jack Built

United States, seventies. We follow the very intelligent Jack (Matt Dillon) for five incidents, and discover the murders that define him as a serial killer. We live the story from their perspective. Jack considers each murder a work of art, but his deep maladjustment poses problems with the outside world. Although the police are following him closely, Jack against all logic is determined to take more and more risks. His goal is to achieve his dream: to commit the perfect crime and not leave any trace.
Lars von Trier (Melancholy, Antichrist) writes and directs this dramatic thriller whose cast is made up of Matt Dillon (A hit with style), Bruno Ganz (In times of waning light), Siobhan Fallon Hogan (Wayward Pines), Jeremy Davies (Justified : Raylan’s law), Riley Keough (What Silver Lake hides) and Uma Thurman (A good recipe).

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