Spies In Disguise

In the world of the highest voltage international espionage, the deadly Lance Sterling is the most amazing spy in the world. He is ‘cool’, charming, super qualified, and nobody does it better than him. He collaborates with young Walter, a scientific genius who invents the gadgets and gadgets that Lance uses in his missions. Suddenly, when events take an unexpected turn, Walter and Lance will have to trust each other in a completely new way. And if this strange couple cannot learn to work in a team, everyone is in danger. Animation film based on the short film Pigeon Impossible (2009) by Lucas Martell, produced by Fox Animation and Blue Sky Studios.

Few cultural totems exist as parody as Agent Bond and everything around him, but that does not mean that it is easy to do it, or that it is due without being clear about exactly what you want to parody. In the same DNA of the creature of Ian Fleming – especially as for the film subject – an ingredient of ironic distancing, a playful alibi has already been printed that over the decades and the films have been expanding or shrinking, according to their producers, they will notice The mood out there. That is why, right in the stage of greatest existential confusion of 007 – the stage of feminist movements, the MeToo and pop revisionism -, it is when more parodies come to us, each one of them having clear what facet of the phenomenon it intends to dismantle. The spy who planted me with Susanna Fogel gave voice and sorority to the Bond girls. Johnny English: Again in action I put the accent.

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