Sorry We Missed You

Ricky (Kris Hitchen), Abby (Debbie Honeywood) and their two children form a very close family. Ricky has moved from one job to another and Abby is dedicated to caring for elderly people and enjoys her work. Despite working full time, they are aware that they will never get the desired economic security or have a home owned. Then an opportunity arises for Ricky thanks to the application revolution. The couple decides to bet the whole for the whole. Abby sells his car so that Ricky buys a van and becomes a deliveryman on his own: he will finally be his own boss. The modern world sneaks into your family life offering them a different future.
Drama directed by filmmaker Ken Loach (Me, Daniel Blake) and written by his usual collaborator Paul Laverty (The Olive Tree). The film stars Kris Hitchen (The Gang) and Debbie Honeywood (Vera).

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