Shaun the Sheep Movie- Farmageddon

Shaun the sheep and the rest of the flock return to the big screen with a new and exciting adventure. The farm will turn upside down when the adorable little Lu-La alien appears. This naughty and curious alien will arrive by surprise and will soon make good crumbs with the Shaun sheep. Of course, Lu-La misses her home and feels very lost, so the Shaun and the entire herd will get down to work to help her get back with her own. Will the flock manage to carry out its mission in this extraterrestrial adventure?
Second installment of the stop-motion animated film The Sheep Shaun: The Movie (2015), based on the characters created by Nick Park (Caveman, Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of Vegetables). They direct the film Will Becher, producer of the series The Sheep Shaun, along with debutante Richard Phelan.

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