A group of friends goes out with the van of one of them in search of a weekend of freedom. On their way they will meet a woman of advanced age who will be asked to buy alcohol, since they are not of legal age. It will be then when the charming lady proposes to them to realize a celebration in its house, for which they will only have a condition: they will be able to do what they wish in the basement, but they will not be able to raise above. When young people think that they have found a vein, things will start to happen that make them doubt the intentions of the hostess, and her dream will turn into a nightmare.
Thriller of suspense that Tate Taylor directs (the girl of the train, Maids and ladies), whose script writes Scotty Landes (Workaholics). They star in the film Octavia Spencer (The Water Form), Luke Evans (Beauty and the Beast), Juliette Lewis (Secrets and Lies), Diana Silvers (Glass (Crystal)), McKaley Miller (Doctor in Alabama) and Corey Fogelman ( Riley and the world).

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