Greenland: The Last Refuge presents us with the story of John Garrity (Gerard Butler, 300), an architect whose marriage suffers from low hours due to an infidelity for which he feels deeply regretful. As he tries to get his wife back and deal with the mixed feelings of his diabetic son, a moderately-sized – and seemingly harmless – meteor is heading towards Earth. As everything indicates that it will fall into the sea without causing any damage, Garrity has been with his friends and neighbors to watch the event on television.
The problem comes when, while shopping at the supermarket, he receives a call from the United States Government: it seems that he has been chosen along with his family to be transferred to a shelter with an unknown location. His concern is compounded when the space rock causes a huge explosion in the state of Florida and is defined as a “planet destroyer” whose fragments are on the way. Now John begins a race against time to try to save his family from what seems to be totally the end of the world as we know it.

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