Adaptation of the memoirs of Marilyn Monroe imagined by the writer Joyce Carol Oates.
A five-part narrative corresponding to the stages of Monroe’s life, Oates portrays the miserable circumstances of Norma Jeane’s upbringing, the damage inflicted by a psychotic mother and the absence of a father, unknown and perpetually longed for by her, and the desolation and betrayal suffered after spending four years in an orphanage and later in a foster home.
She reviews the rocky road that young Monroe had to walk to reach stardom, which is not without sexual favors to studio bosses who made her believe that she was a stupid and talentless young woman while they made millions at the expense of she. She relives Monroe’s three marriages conveying that insatiable need for security and love. Remarkably, she captures her breathy voice, little stutter, and almost schizoid personality that produced her fickle behavior.

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