Beautiful Disaster

Abby Abernathy thinks she’s put her tumultuous past behind her. However, when she arrives at college with her best friend America, her path to a fresh start is jeopardized by a one-night stand with a guy named Travis “Mad Dog” Maddox: a student who also competes in the arts. mixed martial. He is about the typical bad boy; the person Abby should avoid and the last guy she should see in her life, but those characteristics are what she’s attracted to.
Intrigued by the girl’s resistance, Travis makes a bet with her: if he loses her next fight, he won’t have sex with anyone for a month. However, if he wins, Abby will also have to live with him and his roommate (Austin North) for a month. But, Travis has no idea about Abby’s past, and maybe if he finds out, he’ll see that the two aren’t that different.

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