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Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon

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In the course of the ocean a complete battle fleet is destroyed utterly, in a mysterious manner. Scientists cannot perceive this, as there was no shipwreck throughout a extreme storm, or different hazard. This case is not possible to elucidate, as a result of there aren’t any survivors. The assault on the fleet was blamed on Sea Dragon, assuming that was disturbed by warships. This rumor brought about panic among the many inhabitants, making it in a single day pious. Sea Dragon to reconcile selected a younger rituals. In the meantime the town is rising younger Detective Dee, which will probably be provided the possibility to research and discover out the reality about what occurred. To be able to discover a concrete reply to what was occurring, the younger man is pressured to go to wrecks vessels, with out having any concept that the ocean depths, an historical monster again to life, it lurks in all places.


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