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A powerful psychological thriller, Woodshock, is a hypnotic exploration of the isolation, paranoia and pain that exists in a world of your own dreams. The film follows Theresa, a young man haunted by a profound loss, torn between her broken emotional state and the effects of altering the reality caused by a powerful cannabinoid drug. Her mind is shaken by a deep sense of loss, throwing her into a dizzying and threatening chaos, in which reality sucks with a dream. The images are mostly bizarre, hypnotic and frequently disturbing, showing the fall of Theresa in despair. Haunted by the demons of loss and overwhelmed by the unbearable reality, Theresa experiences powerful drugs that cause hallucinations that keep her dissociated from her conscious life full of suffering. The barrier between dream and reality becomes blurred. But, where? Fascinating and sublime, “Woodshock” becomes a particularly exciting cinematic experience that radiographs the unique experience of suffering.

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