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Upside Down

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Adam is a seemingly peculiar man in a really particular universe. It has a modest existence, dwelling from everyday, however his romantic nature makes it cling to the reminiscence of a lady he liked at one time, named Eden. The woman was from one other world, an inverted world with its personal gravity, fastened above that which we all know, however unattainable. Flirting their harmless childhood was was an unattainable love, however when Adam a glimpse into Eden on tv, nothing can cease him to search out and reclaim it. Not even the regulation or science! Uncover the story of two lovers from parallel worlds, however very Simila, looking for themselves and to beat any obstacles to be collectively. A love story just like that skilled by Romeo and Juliet, a brand new idea and a rare setting with distinctive visible results and a distinct view, however equally thrilling, an unattainable love.


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