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Thor: The Dark World

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After hundreds of years, probably the most ruthless of the Darkish Elves, Malekith, tried to revive the universe to everlasting darkness. Such was doable on account of unhealthy Ether, an historic drive of infinite energy of destruction. Nobles Asgard warriors, led by King Bor, fought a horrible conflict in opposition to Malekith, the latter being defeated. After King Bor, to succeed, it launched an period of peace that lasted hundreds of years. Malekith was pushed again into darkness. Thor turns into king of the 9 Kingdoms, however being the evil of darkness, who has sworn revenge and distugerea Asgard and the world returns. Thor must make quite a lot of sacrifices to save lots of the universe and humanity in the best way of this highly effective enemy, which even Odin and Asgard can’t resist.


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