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The Wolves at the Door

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The story revolve around four friends who gather in an elegant house and want to spend a quiet evening at home in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, in 1969. Unbeknownst to their visitors waiting outside his deadly. Social gathering is destroyed when a group of violent criminals brutal enter the house and take their psychopathic hostage for their games. What begins as a simple farewell party turns into a night of terror primitive as intruders harass and torture the four, who are fighting for their lives against what appears to be an attack senseless.
When the night is laid, begin to hunt wolves. “Do not let them in!” Is the message chilling stories, whose cruelty will breath. How would they deal morbid characters terrible games?
The Wolves at the Door (2016) is a horror thriller film directed by John R. Leonetti in and written by Gary Dauberman. The film is a work of terrible ISPIR Manson family murder that has shocked the entire Los Angeles in 1969.


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