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The Legend Of Hercules

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Hoping to free the individuals from its domination Amphitryon dreaded king, queen Alcmena Olympus crave. Zeus, king of the battle, offers it a son, Hercules, however that is rejected by his father who all the time desire the iphicles, eldest son. Turned man, Hercules falls for stunning Hebe, however Amphitryon resolve that it’ll marry iphicles. Whereas Hercules is getting ready to flee in an effort to marry the lady he loves, he’s captured by guards and despatched to combat the king to be sacrificed. Miraculously escaping dying, Hercule allies with Sotiris to free the dominion from the tyranny of Amphitryon, to take away it from the clutches of the Hebe and his brother to take his rightful place lastly, that the hero of Greece.


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