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The Foreigner

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The film follows the story of Quan, a humble businessman whose long buried past bursts in a fierce revenge when his teenage daughter is killed in a politically motivated act of terrorism. With broken heart, Quan asks the authorities justice. But when the authorities betray him, Quan decides to take things in his own hands and moves to Ireland to take revenge. In an unceasing search for the identity of the terrorists, Quan is forced to enter into a conflict with a British official, whose past may have clues about the identity of the killers. However, bombing is an operation of an IRA unit that acts against the wishes of old IRA guards, now retired, or at least most of them. Determined to find out who is behind the bombings, one of the former IRA leaders, Liam Hennessy, is building a trap for unity. In the midst of politics, lies and betrayal, Quan and Hennessy find themselves struggling with each other, but with the same purpose of bringing the culprits to justice.

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