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The Arbalest

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The Arbalet is a satire on people’s obsession for money and fame. The film captures a story of unrequited love in an alternative reality where a beloved toy and bring a wild success while suffering endless. In 1968, New York, Foster Kalt is the largest convention of toys in the world, hoping to sell their invention. Arriving at the hotel, Kalt spends the night in the room next to two participants, Paul and Sylvia. Amid copious alcohol consumption and ultimately, recreational drugs, Foster is urged to disclose the invention to be present at the convention the next day, but the two are not impressed, although it is quite interesting. They continue their night partying and Kalt begin to fall in love with Sylvia. After an unexpected tragedy occurs, Sylvia devise a plan for both of them to take credit for Paul’s invention. Renamed “Kalt Cube”, the invention becomes an international sensation and makes them fabulously rich. Ten years later, he is a recluse consumed by sadness and obsession with Sylvia and also a man who undergoes a vow of silence. Through flashbacks we see what keeps him in a corner so dark. Sylvia Foster is the object of his obsession, and her name is the only word I say during his oath of silence. Now in his house in the woods, Foster hosts a television crew eager to end the long vow of silence and reveal their new invention, but things take a surprising turn.


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