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I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

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I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House is an atmospheric and lyrical ghost story that envelops you with a sense of unease hypnotic creepy.
The film tells the story of Lily, a young and naive nurse hired to care for the elderly Iris Bloom, an author of horror novels, who chose to live her last days in his beloved country home, a house that has its own story terrifying ghost. The old woman lost in her memories and barely recognizes his nurse, unless they repeatedly called “Polly”, the protagonist of her novel “Lady in the walls.” Although Lily is squeamish and easily frightened, curiosity is above it and read the book: the story of a beautiful woman murdered creepy.
Not very late, Lily come to believe that one of the most popular horror novels of Bloom could be based on a real murder that Bloom would be committed even in this house. The novel contains ominous clues about her own fate, and it is becoming increasingly mentally troubled with more frequent and sinister apparitions of the old house.


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