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Mojin: The Lost Legend

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Shirley Yang, Hu and Wang Kaixuan Bayi, three hunters graves, now residing in New York, had been retired. However when their accomplice Wang Grill is employed by a mysterious lady who asks enterprise to seek out the tomb of a Mongolian princess, the three determine to reenter exercise. Even when at first they thought it was one thing rotten within the center, and Shirley Hu continues his expedition. However as soon as it discovers the tomb is evident that they had been as soon as within the space: 20 years in the past, Hu and Wang had been in love with the identical lady, Ding Sitian, who misplaced his life throughout that expedition. Or so that they thought. Hunters tombs enterprise lady realizes that he needs to take possession Flower Echiox, an artifact that brings the useless again to life.

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