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Mary Goes Round

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Mary, an anxious woman who struggles with a pain he does not understand, did not have a delightful existence. Her family broke up when she was a child, and after her mother’s death, she remained alone, uninterested, and perhaps incapable of reconnecting with her father, Walt or her younger sister, Robyn. A long row of headaches has fueled Mary’s alcoholism, which now hides it hard. Currently, Mary is a specialist in substance abuse, but ironically or not, she is fighting her own day-to-day addiction. After a particularly disastrous night, ended with an alcohol-led arrest and job loss, Mary returns to her hometown where she finds her estranged dad is about to lose cancer, and wants her to form a bond with her sister, now teenager. Mary is a complicated emblem of resistance that goes to the awareness that the care of others might actually be the way to overcome their own trauma.

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