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A story full of suspense about family ties, “Marrowbone” explores the loss, pain and love. Running away from an abusive father and a troubled past in the UK, Rose and her four children travel to a house inherited from West America. The trip exhausts Rose and soon dies because of a disease. To stay together, children intend to hide their mother’s death until the 21st anniversary of his eldest son, Jack. He and 19-year-old Jane, 18-year-old Billy, and 5-year-old Sam, live in poor conditions while keeping their secret to the world. When an intrusive lawyer comes into force in their lives, the terrible truth about what’s hidden in the old Marrowbone House comes to light. Affected by a sinister presence in the mansion they live in, the friendship of their ally, Allie, becomes their only hope. “Marrowbone” shows that dreams of escaping our past can often lead to more frightening nightmares.

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