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Man of Steel

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In all of superheroes, Superman is probably the most well-known and revered character of all time. After a few years Clark was despatched to Earth after the planet Krypton was confronted with imminent destruction, staged by Normal Zod. Adopted by Martha and Jonathan Kent, Clark had a standard life till he found that Kryptonian physiology provides paranormal powers. Assisted by Jonathan, the adoptive father, Clark learns to harness his powers. After the dying of Jonathan, Clark spends a few years of his life wandering from one place to a different, till it turns into a journalist from a significant journal Metropolis. Normal Zod is on the lookout for a brand new colonies, and the planet Earth is in its viewfinder, raises doubts concerning the stability of peace. Our hero can have the possibility to know the aim for which it was despatched to Earth and solutions questions that tormented him all this time.

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