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Into the Inferno

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Into the Inferno is a documentary film produced by Spring Films and Werner Herzog combining artistic reportage, history and philosophy in an immersive movie experience.
Werner Herzog and volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer undertake a journey worldwide to explore some of the most mythical volcanoes in the world, in Indonesia, Ethiopia, Iceland and North Korea. Speaking to scientists and indigenous peoples alike, they seek to understand the complex relationship between humankind and rooted and one of the greatest wonders of nature. Explorers hopes to minimize the destructive impact of volcanoes, trying to get a picture of our origins and nature as a species. He believes that the volcano-mysterious, violent and full of beauty – it gives us inform and teach that “there is no one who is not connected to a belief system.”
The film captures the human inability to obey its own limitations and irrelevant, recognizing the nature of the situation of indifference.


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