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How to Break Up with Your Douchebag

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How to Break Up Your Douchebag (2017) is an intriguing romantic comedy that tells the story of Amanda, a therapist specializing in helping women end destructive and toxic relationships. Amanda lives away from men and commitment, focusing on her work and protecting her sister Natalia. On a case-by-case basis, she tells “patients” how to put an end to these relationships and apparently there is no problem until the most difficult case arrives: her sister. Knowing that her sister is in love with an idiot, she is planning a new strategy to separate her from him. Natalia is in love with Pepe, an unscrupulous man, so Amanda will do her best to separate her and show her sister that her best friend is much better than Pepe. What he does not know is that in the midst of this mission he will have to face the greatest fear of all: love.

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