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Havana Darkness

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The story centers around Carlos Carrasco who receive a mysterious manuscript which allegedly written by acclaimed American writer Ernest Hemingway during his stay in Havana, Cuba. In an attempt to prove the authenticity of the manuscript, he embarks on a journey from New York City to the Caribbean island bustling with two close friends, John and Karen.
As you dig deeper into unlocking the mysteries behind the manuscript he finds the book a section detailing a series of grisly murders that took place on the island in the last several years, in the time of Hemingway, in a building shaded , located deep in the heart and known as the Murder House. While the clues begin to gather, Carlos becomes increasingly paranoid, fearing that someone or something you watching every move the city toward disbelief his friends. As the investigation continues to ascertain the truth, the three friends embark on a journey into the Murder House, which will eventually put in a collision with an event that will change their life forever.
Soon the three friends find themselves trapped inside the building abandoned in a terrifying game of cat and mouse, the mysterious people have no intention to let them alive.
As time is running out, the three must maneuver a maze full of deadly traps to find a way out of the building before they can be hunted. Characters will be able to escape before fate to be sealed with the kiss of death cruelly?


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