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Handsome Devil

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Handsome Devil (2016) follows the hardships of adolescent life and the story of a 16-year-old married and passionate music boy. With his dyed hair, Ned, he is fascinated by pop-rock music and could never find himself in the rugby boarding school, which his father insisted on following. Determined to avoid problems and to endure another year of loneliness and aggression, Ned is pleasantly surprised when he develops a friendship with his new roommate, Conor, a talented rugby player with his own problems. The relationship between boys is born through music, and the two begin to practice the guitar together. Encouraging the English teacher, Ned and Conor enter a talent show at a girls’ school in the area. While both the talent and the rugby season are on the horizon, the pressure to choose between men’s athletic discipline and more artistic activities threatens to destroy Conor, while Ned is increasingly tempted to make the most of it, Betraying their confidence to save their skin. Ned and Conor make mistakes, but ultimately, what really matters is that everybody learns to speak in his own terms.






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