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Good Tidings

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Good Tidings explores a brutal and awful Christmas story, where Santa’s sleigh ride leads to hell. The film tells the story of Bloody Sam, a war veteran, surviving on the streets of Liverpool along with other homeless people. On Christmas Day, a group of vagrants found abandoned in a former court to stay overnight. Everything is quite cheerful, and they do what they can with the little we have, until three escaped mental patients dressed as Santa Claus and take them in sight and start to terrorize. The most questionable things that Sam has done in the past still haunts him and come back in the game in three psychopaths dressed skin which tortures and kills his companions. His sadistic three blocks inside the building abandoned and cheerful start to hunt down one by one. It seems that no matter who’s naughty and who’s nice. As a character says, they are just cattle that are slaughtered. But Sam must rely on a part of himself that he believed it buried beaten and not to give up without a fight. Masked psychos unleashes hell for everyone inside the walls of the court, to satisfaction festive morbid. Soon, a battle between the homeless and criminals start intruders, while it soon becomes clear that perhaps there is no hope, even on Christmas Day.


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