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Gehenna: Where Death Lives

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Paulina and Tyler visiting Saipan to locate the ideal property for their new resort. Once you have found the perfect location, they discover a hidden cave on the property and decide to explore with Alan, local coordinator and his assistant, Pepe. Cave reveals a much abandoned Japanese military base, dating back to WW2. Further investigations revealed more corpses dry, but curiosity than fear and they walk away. Of darkness, approached an elderly man, a man barely recognizable as human. Horrible deformities devastate his fragile body, as if they have lived in the cave for his entire life. Alan panics and pushes the old man back, slamming him into the wall with a force that ends the old life. A deafening explosion rocks and debris scattered everywhere. The intensity of turbulence shakes the whole cave, the group leaves them unconscious and sealed the cave. When they wake up, he discovers the dead body of the old man disappeared and other bodies. Desperate to find a way out, they wander further into the cave and face the most sinister secrets in the depths. As different sources and indices revealing the mysteries of the cave, they will find that the most shocking conclusion still awaits.


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