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Saving the lives of 98 of the 106 passengers on the airplane carrying them broken Whip earn their admiration of all, the hospital admitted that being surrounded on daily basis by cohorts of journalists, who want to interview or acquire with him. When the aviation firm require an investigation to determine unquestionably the causes of the accident, together with gaps emerge conduct pilot Whitaker. Divorced and intrainat household Whip was fought a very long time with the demons of alcohol and if he had not used banned substances within the night time that preceded the flight fateful doubtless breakdown of the airplane had been found and corrected in a well timed method. As a result of medical exams point out the presence of alcohol within the blood, Whip Whitaker finds himself remodeled in a single day from a hero hailed a person that everybody is speeding to sentence him and who wants a lawyer to avoid wasting his profession and to not He’s sentenced to life in jail.

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