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Cult of Chucky

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Closed for four years in a psychiatric asylum for a crime that was alleged caused by madness and lack of discernment, Nica Pierce is wrongly convinced that it is not he but Chucky who killed the whole family. When the shrink introduces a new “tool” for therapy to facilitate the group sessions of his patients, a too-familiar puppet with an innocent smiling face, a number of sinister deaths begin to decimate the patients of the asylum and Nica comes to doubt the diagnosis and her madness. Andy Barclay, the enemy of Chucky now an adult, jumps to Nica’s aid. But to be able to save him he will have to escape from Tiffany, the bride of Chucky, who will do anything, no matter how deadly or immoral only to help her loved diabolical puppet. Will they escape the cunning and fierce Tiffany? Will Andy help Nica and prevent the supremacy of Chucky?


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