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Cloud Atlas

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Cloud Atlas is a narrative that spans six totally different eras, from the 19th century and reaching a post-apocalyptic future. Adam Ewing is a North American notary who travels house by boat from Chatham isolates Islands, east of New Zealand, in 1850. The English musician Robert Frobisher is a disinherited, who finds work at a Belgian composer, yr 1931. Luisa Rey is a journalist investigating a case of corruption and homicide at a nuclear energy plant in Yerbas Buenas – California, in 1975. Timothy Cavendish is an editor who owes cash to a gangster and is hospitalized towards his will in an asylum cannot escape, in London, at first of the XXI century. Sonmez 451 is a human clone who works in quick meals is executed as a result of Papa Tune and insurgent towards the totalitarian regime additionally those that exploit them in Nea So Co – Korea within the close to future. Zachry is a number one member of a tribe primitive life after most of humanity has died and is visited by Meronym, a final survivor of civilization technologically superior, in Hawaii, within the distant future.

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