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Beyond the Gates

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The disappearance of their father seven months, now presumed dead, forced a tense meeting between the two children, now adults, and John Gordon. Gordon is the nerd kind, even if seemingly recovered from a history of problems with alcohol and anger management. John is the bad boy whose current status refers to common problems with employment. Two brothers alienated meet at the video store of their father disappeared to liquidate the property and sell its goods, but they are not particularly happy to see each other, especially since Gordon refused petition of John for a loan”. As you sift through the store, they find a table VCR game called “Beyond The Gates” which has to do with the disappearance of their father and deadly consequences for anyone who plays. Discovering last videotape that their father saw it, they find that, in fact, may open a door to a world more sinister correlated with the disappearance of their father. The video provides important clues about the father who is held captive brothers “beyond the gates” and only their intervention to limit death possibly can save lives, or at least, the soul.


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