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Navy officer Alex Hopper on the united statesJohn Paul Jones ship is engaged to Sam therapist, the daughter of Admiral Shane intransigent and extreme, which isn’t excited by the prospect of this marriage and complains that his future son-wasted skilled qualities. Alex idolizes his older brother, Stone, who’s an officer on the united statesSampson and has all the talents essential to be a superb commander. On mission within the Pacific Ocean, brothers Hopper, Admiral Shane, an knowledgeable in weapons Raikes and crews worldwide on boats that make up a small fleet dealing with an alien invasion, aliens nicknamed The Regents planning to construct a strong supply of power within the ocean and seize the wealthy assets of the Earth to outlive as a race. A number of members of the crew are despatched to research a ship suspected emergence from beneath, which isn’t detected by radar, though it’s seen to the bare eye, and when weapons ultramodern endowment folks don’t appear to have efficacy towards that vessel, which takes the type of robotic and disrupts navigational devices, Admiral Shane understands that they’re coping with a harmful enemy from one other planet.

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