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Asterix and Obelix: God Save Britannia

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The yr 50 I. H. Cezar needs to make some good points, so he decides to invade his legions topped island bordering the world knew this mysterious land referred to as Brittany. Victoria is fast and whole … nearly. Breton is a village determined to withstand, however now i’ve about exhausted our sources. Cordelia, Queen Britons, sends his most loyal officer on Flegmatix, to ask for assist in Gaul, the place a village Welsh them resist the Romans for a while with nice success … Within the small village in query Asterix and Obelix are already as much as my CAPM as a result of their boss has entrusted Smecherix nephew, newly arrived from Lutetia to take care of him and, particularly, to make a person of him. And their job is way from being reached any finish.


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