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Arjun Reddy

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Arjun Reddy is a successful doctor, but at the same time an alcoholic, whom he separated from his girlfriend, brought him to the brink of depression. The story begins with Arjun practicing medicine in Hyderabad. Despite its special qualities, it is crushed by terrible pains against which it is fighting drugs, sex and alcohol. Then a flashback depicts an Arjun student, who falls in love with Preethi Shetty, a young woman in her first year with whom she has a 4 year relationship. But the father of the girl does not agree, and Arjun gets to give her an ultimatum to the girl: if she does not make a decision in the next 6 hours, they are separated forever. Things do not work as Arjun wanted, and Preethi gets married to someone else …

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