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American Wrestler: The Wizard

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The story focuses around Jahan Ali, a teenager who gets triggered during the Iranian revolution in 1979 and immigrated to Northern California where they face racism, bullying and general hostility the US because American hostage crisis in Iran. The first page of every newspaper contains images Iranian hostages blindfolded and burning American flags. Upon his arrival, Ali faces a strong adversity, and his uncle, Hafez, frustrated of being outcast community, does not want his nephew there. It feels that Ali brought misfortune with him from Iran. Rejected by everyone, but decided to integrate and to make a new life for himself, Ali decides that joining a sports team at school will make him look “like everyone else”. After unsuccessful attempts basketball and football coach Ali impresses Plyler and enters the school wrestling team. Against all faiths and exceeding the expectations of the community, he manages to become a state champion in wrestling.


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